18:11 CET
RC 105 - Mobile devices in radiology
Imaging Informatics
Wednesday, February 27, 08:30 - 10:00
Type of session: Refresher Course
Topic: Imaging Informatics
Moderator: O. Ratib (Geneva/CH)

Chairperson's introduction
O. Ratib; Geneva/CH
Learning Objectives

1. To give an overview of tools available on mobile devices for education and exam reporting.
2. To underline the impact of mobile devices in routine clinical activity.
3. To learn about the legislative backbone and potential drawbacks of mobile technology.

A. Security and confidentiality aspects of mobile computing
E. R. Ranschaert; Tilburg/NL
Learning Objectives

1. To provide an overview of technical solutions for patients' image and data mobility.
2. To provide a risk assessment analysis (data loss, privacy, etc.) of mobile technology.
3. To give an overview of European legislation in relation to patient image and data mobility.

B. Added value of mobile devices in education
E. Kotter; Freiburg/DE
Learning Objectives

1. To give an overview of tools available for e-learning.
2. To explore the potential impact of e-learning in the daily radiological practice.
3. To explore future developments and limits of e-learning.

C. Recommendations for reporting on mobile devices
E. Neri; Pisa/IT
Learning Objectives

1. To give an overview of available DICOM viewers and software for reporting imaging studies.
2. To discuss technical requirements of mobile devices for use in imaging interpretation.
3. To provide insight on future developments of imaging viewing technology.

Panel discussion: Can mobile technology supplement stationary technology in radiology?

Discussion will address main controversies of the use of mobile technology in a clinical environment such as image quality, data mobility, safety and legal issues, etc.

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