18:10 CET
E³ 221 - Musculoskeletal radiology: inflammation
Musculoskeletal General Radiology
Wednesday, February 27, 10:30 - 12:00
Type of session: E³ - ECR Academies: Interactive Teaching Sessions for Young (and not so Young) Radiologists
Topic: Musculoskeletal, General Radiology

A. Inflammatory and infections in the soft tissues
S. Martin; Palma de Mallorca/ES
Learning Objectives

1. To learn the key signs for differential diagnosis.
2. To learn about imaging findings and management options.

B. Arthropathies
U. Aydingoz; Ankara/TR
Learning Objectives

1. To explain the key points in the differential diagnosis of common arthropathies.
2. To describe the imaging findings of common arthropathies as they relate to pathophysiology.

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