12:54 CET
BE 3 - Radiologic anatomy: chest
Wednesday, February 27, 14:00 - 15:30
Type of session: E³ - Rising Stars Programme: Joint Sessions with ESOR
Topic: Chest
Moderator: J. Vilar (Valencia/ES)

3 presentations in this session:
M. Occhipinti; Florence/IT
Learning Objectives

1. To review the mediastinal anatomy according to old and new classifications.
2. To recap signs useful in localising and characterising mediastinal lesions.
3. To know how to choose the most appropriate imaging modality to explore the mediastinum according to the diagnostic question.

C. M. Schaefer-Prokop; Amersfoort/NL
Learning Objectives

1. To know how to interpret mediastinal lines and contours in chest radiography.
2. To get familiar with "signs" in chest radiography helpful for diagnosis.
3. To know the normal appearance of lung parenchyma on CT and to use the anatomy of the secondary lobule for analysis of chest diseases.

M. Francone; Rome/IT
Learning Objectives

1. To learn peculiarities of coronary arteries anatomy with specific referral to its implications on myocardial physiology.
2. To review anatomic features of pulmonary arteries and thoracic aorta.
3. To examine patterns and variants of the venous drainage of both the pulmonary and caval system.

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