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EM 4 - EFRS meets Denmark
General Radiography (Radiographers) Professional Issues Evidence-Based Imaging Education
Friday, March 1, 14:00 - 15:30
Type of session: EFRS meets Denmark
Topic: General Radiography (Radiographers), Professional Issues, Evidence-Based Imaging, Education
Moderator: H. Precht (Odense/DK)

Session introduction
J. McNulty; Dublin/IE
Introduction: Across Denmark
C. Graungaard Falkvard; Copenhagen/DK
Learning Objectives

1. To introduce the EFRS meets session and the involvement of Denmark in the EFRS.
2. To introduce the country of Denmark, Danish life and culture and the Danish radiography profession.


You will be presented to Denmark as a country with a focus on the good Danish life, Danish culture and the Danish radiography profession. The presentation will also have a focus on the possibilities and struggles in the profession and how to work politically for the profession in Denmark.

Machine learning: a new aspect of radiography
L. M. Pehrson; Copenhagen/DK
Learning Objectives

1. To recognise Machine learning as a tool for medical image analysis.
2. To learn about the opportunities within machine learning, the challenges and new directions in clinical practice.
3. To acknowledge the potential impact for the patient, radiographer and radiologist.

Improvements in healthcare
P. Blackburn Andersen; Kolding/DK
Learning Objectives

1. To understand the need for improvement in Danish healthcare (and perhaps European healthcare).
2. To appreciate how radiographers can contribute beyond the radiology department.
3. To acknowledge the need for patient and staff involvement to create improvements.

Technologically mediated patient and radiographer experience
S. Holm; Faaborg/DK
Learning Objectives

1. To understand what is meant by technological mediation.
2. To learn about embodied perception.
3. To explore how technologies mediate experience in radiographic practice.

MR safety
A. D. Blankholm; Aarhus/DK
Learning Objectives

1. To understand the challenges of MR safety.
2. To appreciate MR safety from the Danish radiographer's perspective.
3. To become familiar with recommendations for MR safety education.

Panel discussion
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