18:11 CET
RC 116 - Imaging tumour response to immunotherapy
Oncologic Imaging Imaging Methods
Wednesday, February 27, 08:30 - 10:00
Type of session: Refresher Course
Topic: Oncologic Imaging, Imaging Methods
Moderator: O. L. Sedlaczek (Heidelberg/DE)

Chairperson's introduction
O. L. Sedlaczek; Heidelberg/DE
Learning Objectives

1. To discuss the mechanism of action of immunotherapies.
2. To understand immunotherapy response and immune-related adverse events.
3. To become familiar with immune related response criteria (irRC), immune-related RECIST (irRECIST) and immune RECIST (iRECIST).
4. To discuss future directions for advanced imaging of immunotherapy.

A. Imaging the immune system in cancer
C. Dromain; Lausanne/CH
Learning Objectives

1. To discuss the concept of immunotherapy treatment in cancer.
2. To review what the radiologist needs to know when assessing immunotherapy treatment.
3. To understand the challenges of assessing immunotherapy response using imaging.

B. Monitoring immune response with CT
Learning Objectives

1. To discuss different types of immunotherapies and to review their mode of action as imaged with CT.
2. To understand the limitations of RECIST and become aware of immune response criteria.
3. To discuss the limitations of CT for assessment of immunotherapies.

C. Monitoring immune response with PET
C. C. Cyran; Munich/DE
Learning Objectives

1. To discuss the framework for the use of FDG PET/CT for immunotherapy assessment.
2. To become familiar with the best response criteria for assessment of immunotherapy using PET/CT.
3. To discuss the limitations of PET/CT for assessing of immunotherapies.

D. Monitoring immune response with MRI
D.-M. Koh; Sutton/GB
Learning Objectives

1. To learn the advantages and limitations of MRI for assessment of immunotherapies.
2. To describe the potential role of whole-body MRI and quantitative MRI techniques for patient follow-up.
3. To consider the potential of integrated PET/MRI for the assessment of immunotherapies.

Panel discussion: What is the best way to monitor immunotherapy response?
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