18:10 CET
SF 1 - Screening with imaging: a new era?
Chest Breast Abdominal Viscera EuroSafe Imaging
Wednesday, February 27, 08:30 - 10:00
Type of session: Special Focus Session
Topic: Chest, Breast, Abdominal Viscera, EuroSafe Imaging
Moderator: A. Devaraj (London/GB)

Chairperson's introduction: Epidemiology principles
A. Devaraj; London/GB
Learning Objectives

1. To understand how screening is currently implemented in Europe.
2. To understand the challenges familiar to all screening programmes when aiming to continually enhance quality and minimise harms.
3. To understand the emerging technologies in screening of lung, breast and colorectal cancer.

Screening of lung cancer with low dose CT
M. Prokop; Nijmegen/NL
Learning Objectives

1. To understand the current situation with lung cancer screening in Europe.
2. To understand the challenges of implementing a new screening programme for lung cancer.
3. To discuss areas for quality assurance and standardisation in lung cancer screening.

Screening of colorectal cancer with CT colonography
A. Laghi; Latina/IT
Learning Objectives

1. To understand the rationale for a colorectal cancer screening programme.
2. To be updated about current experiences on screening CT colonography.
3. To learn about advantages and limitations of CT colonography in comparison with other colorectal cancer screening tests.

Screening of breast cancer with abbreviated MRI
C. K. Kuhl; Aachen/DE
Learning Objectives

1. To list the cancer detection rates of radiographic, ultrasound and MR imaging for screening of breast cancer.
2. To describe the respective diagnostic accuracies published for breast MRI with abbreviated vs full diagnostic protocols.
3. To list rates and causes of over- and underdiagnosis of breast cancer in current breast cancer screening programmes.

Panel discussion: Optimising screening and taking it to the next level
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