22:52 CET
HL 3 - Luigi Oliva Honorary Lecture
Abdominal Viscera Contrast Media Imaging Methods Paediatric Medico-legal
Saturday, March 2, 12:15 - 12:45
Type of session: Honorary Lecture
Topic: Abdominal Viscera, Contrast Media, Imaging Methods, Paediatric, Medico-legal

Contrast enhanced ultrasound in paediatrics: ready for clinical practice?
P. S. Sidhu; London/GB
Learning Objectives

1. To learn about the application of CEUS in children.
2. To understand the legal implications of using CEUS off-label in children.
3. To appreciate the potential of combining ultrasound with CEUS in assessing the child.
4. To become familiar with the techniques and applications of CEUS.

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