18:10 CET
E³ 126b - Functional imaging in head and neck oncology
Head and Neck Oncologic Imaging
Wednesday, February 27, 08:30 - 10:00
Type of session: E³ - ECR Master Class
Topic: Head and Neck, Oncologic Imaging
Moderator: F. Bidault (Villejuif/FR)

Chairperson's introduction
F. Bidault; Villejuif/FR
Learning Objectives

1. To discuss the role of functional imaging in tumour staging.
2. To learn about the presentation and prognosis of head and neck cancer patients.
3. To understand the clinical impact of imaging findings.

A. Functional imaging for locoregional tumour assessment
M. Horta; Lisbon/PT
Learning Objectives

1. To learn about functional imaging (perfusion, DWI, PET) in head and neck cancer patients.
2. To understand the value of functional imaging for tumour assessment.
3. To discuss nodal assessment in head and neck cancer.

B. Incidence and prognosis of synchronous cancer or distant metastases from head and neck tumours
A. D. King; Hong Kong/CN
Learning Objectives

1. To become familiar with the incidence of the synchronous tumours in the head and neck population.
2. To become familiar with the incidence of the distant metastases in the patients with newly diagnosed head and neck cancer.
3. To understand the consequences in a prognosis.

C. Is functional imaging necessary to detect distant metastases in head and neck cancers?
R. Maroldi; Brescia/IT
Learning Objectives

1. To review the advanced imaging for detection of distant metastases of head and neck cancer.
2. To understand the advantages and disadvantages of functional imaging modalities for M staging.
3. To discuss when to image for distant metastases.

Panel discussion: How to stage head and neck tumours correctly
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