04:10 CET
HL 2 - Josef Lissner Honorary Lecture
Interventional Radiology Oncologic Imaging Research Interventional Oncologic Radiology
Friday, March 1, 12:15 - 12:45
Type of session: Honorary Lecture
Topic: Interventional Radiology, Oncologic Imaging, Research, Interventional Oncologic Radiology

Systemic effects of image guided tumour therapy: have we opened the Pandora's box or found the Holy Grail?
S. N. Goldberg; Jerusalem/IL
Learning Objectives

1. To appreciate the extent of potentially beneficial and harmful systemic effects of “focal” interventional oncologic therapy.
2. To gain awareness of the molecular mechanisms that cause such systemic effects with an eye toward potentiating them for clinical benefit.
3. To learn how immuno-oncologic techniques can be combined with both percutaneous and transcatheter interventional oncologic therapies to potentially achieve better clinical outcomes.

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