18:09 CET
RC 113 - Patient-specific dosimetry
Physics in Medical Imaging EuroSafe Imaging Education Interventional Radiology
Wednesday, February 27, 08:30 - 10:00
Type of session: Refresher Course
Topic: Physics in Medical Imaging, EuroSafe Imaging, Education, Interventional Radiology
Moderator: E. Samara (Sion/CH)

Chairperson's introduction
E. Samara; Sion/CH
Learning Objectives

1. To understand the needs for personalised dosimetry.
2. To learn about existing and new methodologies used for patient dosimetry.
3. To understand the challenges for the implementation of patient-specific dosimetry.

A. Breast imaging dosimetry
I. Sechopoulos; Nijmegen/NL
Learning Objectives

1. To understand the current method to estimate organ dose in mammography and its limitations.
2. To understand breast dosimetry in emerging modalities.
3. To learn about upcoming approaches in breast dosimetry.

B. Patient dosimetry in CT and CBCT
S. Edyvean; London/GB
Learning Objectives

1. To understand what is estimated.
2. To learn how to measure it.

C. Patient dose in fluoroscopy and interventional
A. Trianni; Udine/IT
Learning Objectives

1. To review the fundamental patient dosimetry quantities.
2. To learn about calculation of patient dose for interventional procedures.
3. To learn about real time patient dose monitoring strategies.

Panel discussion: The future of patient-specific dosimetry
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