22:50 CET
EM 2 - From morphology to function
Management/Leadership Interventional Radiology Education Research
Friday, March 1, 10:30 - 12:00
Type of session: ESR meets Italy
Topic: Management/Leadership, Interventional Radiology, Education, Research
Moderators: L. E. Derchi (Genoa/IT), R. Grassi (Naples/IT)

Introduction: Radiology in Italy
C. Bibbolino; Rome/IT
Learning Objectives

1. To describe the most important features of Italian radiology.
2. To reflect on new developments of imaging in Italy and Europe.
3. To discuss the role and function of a systemic vision of a radiological society.

Italian emergency network
V. Miele; Florence/IT
Learning Objectives

1. To review the organisation of the emergency system.
2. To highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the emergency network regarding epidemiological factors, topographic features and territorial distribution of resources.
3. To define the possible areas of clinical improvement and organisational effectiveness of the emergency health system.

Interlude: The sirens: myth or reality?
R. Grassi; Naples/IT
Emergency interventional radiology: brain and body
G. Carrafiello; Varese/IT
Learning Objectives

1. To learn about indications.
2. To learn about techniques.
3. To discuss literature and personal experiences.

Interlude: The cyclops: myth or reality?
R. Grassi; Naples/IT
La Radiologia Medica: the role of the journal in an international setting
A. Giovagnoni; Ancona/IT
Learning Objectives

1. To learn about the organisation of the journal as the official organ of the SIRM.
2. To discuss the strengths and weaknesses of an international, general radiology scientific journal.
3. To consolidate knowledge and to explore future prospects in the international editorial scenario.

Panel discussion: How will the radiologists' profession evolve?
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