Local Time : Mon, Dec 11 - 18:13 CEST

SF 1 - Hepatocellular carcinoma: diagnosis, staging and current guidelines

Wednesday, February 28, 08:30 - 10:00 Room: E1 Session Type: Special Focus Session Topic: Abdominal Viscera Moderator: G. Brancatelli (Palermo/IT)


Chairperson's introduction

G. Brancatelli; Palermo/IT

Screening for HCC, American, Asian and European guidelines: why are they different?

V. Vilgrain; Clichy/FR

Diagnosis of HCC, LI-RADS 2017: why we need it?

C. Sirlin; San Diego, CA/US

Atypical appearance of HCC and mimics: how to solve the challenging cases

J. Lee; Seoul/KR

Panel discussion: At the plateau of the learning curve: how do experts reason?