Local Time : Mon, Dec 11 - 18:14 CEST

RC 110 - MRI of articular cartilage and bone: areas of imaging confusion and practical solutions

Wednesday, February 28, 08:30 - 10:00 Room: D Session Type: Refresher Course Topics: Musculoskeletal, Imaging Methods Moderator: O. Papakonstantinou (Athens/GR)


A. Bone oedema syndromes and avascular necrosis

B. Vande Berg; Brussels/BE

B. Osteochondral injury, subchondral fractures and traumatic bone oedema: what is important and how do I describe it

F. Roemer; Erlangen/DE

C. Rheumatoid arthritis

I. Sudol-Szopińska; Warsaw/PL