Local Time : Mon, Dec 11 - 18:14 CEST

EU 1 - Euratom Basic Safety Standards Directive: a comprehensive approach for radiation protection

Wednesday, February 28, 16:00 - 17:30 Room: M 1 Session Type: EuroSafe Imaging Session Topic: EuroSafe Imaging Moderators: G. Frija (Paris/FR), S. Ebdon-Jackson (Didcot/UK)


Chairperson's introduction

S. Ebdon-Jackson; Didcot/UK

The technical approach: achievements and future of dose reduction

W. Kalender; Erlangen/DE

The clinical approach: the gap to be closed

G. Frija; Paris/FR

The clinical audit: the missing link

E. Adam; London/UK

The regulatory approach

S. Ebdon-Jackson; Didcot/UK

The European Commission's perspective and update on the transposition in the European Member States

G. Simeonov; Luxembourg/LU

The industry's perspective and work needed to comply with the Basic Safety Standards

N. Denjoy; Brussels/BE

Panel discussion: Is the Basic Safety Standards Directive a step forward for patients, clinical professionals and regulators?

G. Frija1, S. Ebdon-Jackson2, W. Kalender3, E. Adam4, N. Denjoy5, G. Simeonov6; 1 Paris/FR 2 Didcot/UK 3 Erlangen/DE 4 London/UK 5 Brussels/BE 6 Luxembourg/LU